Lean Legs

With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining brighter, this is the perfect time for you to begin working on those lean legs. Pay close attention because what I am going to tell you you’re going to want to remember…


But I am going to give you some great exercises that are going to help you get closer to getting that inner thigh gap. These workouts have been accumulated from different fitness magazines, and across the web. Let me know which ones you like the best and which ones work for you. Click on each picture under its title for a downloadable copy of each workout.

The first challenge I give you to get those sexy beach ready legs is:


How long do you think you can last at this quick challenge. I am currently on day 10 and my quads are burning but every day is getting easier! This challenge seems to be all the rage on instagram right now so I brought it here for all of you to try. Let me know how it goes. Don’t give up!!

 30 day squat challenge


with help from Women’s Health. These 4 simple moves will do wonders to your workout! Do these four quick moves as soon as you get out of bed in the morning  or before you go to sleep at night. This workout is the perfect workout to do in your bedroom or living room.

blast your lower half - women's health


Okay, so this is probably one of my favorite leg workouts that i have gotten from pinterest. it is a quick and simple workout that can be done at any point during the day. I usually do this in between each of my classes, before and after work, or when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

Legs for days


Any treadmill lovers out there, well look no further. This is another one of my pinterest favorites, which was taken from Prevention Magazine. What I like best about this is that I normally get really bored on the treadmill because it is the same thing over and over and over again. You are looking at the same wall with nothing changing. This workout goes into interval training and allows you to remain motivated when on a treadmill.

treadmill interval workout


If you have not been to BackonPoint’s blog yet than go check it out! This is has everything you need for a workout which is why I give you the Thigh Toner. If you go through this workout 2 times through and 3-5 times a week I know you will feel the burn and after a few week will see results.

Thigh Toner

Good luck to you all as you make your way to lean legs for summer. Make sure you do at least one of these workouts for those summer legs you can show off in a bikini or some mini shorts. Have any good leg workouts? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Lean Legs

  1. Schae Coakley says:

    I really appreciate this post! I workout daily and as it’s starting to get warmer I’m trying to find workouts that are more tailored to my leg area. I get so self conscious about my legs in shirts and we all know that almost every young woman is afraid of ever getting cellulite and I think that is one of many fears, and these leg workouts can give me some variety to incorporate into my routine! I really like the Thigh Toner workout because it will allow me to work on my thigh area and I can do it at home! I don’t have to go to the rec, because now that its warmer, the rec is getting more crowded and crowded, and I would prefer to do workouts that I can do in my home and this is one of them. I also want to try the legs for days workout!!! I’m not too sure if I would ever try the 30 day squat challenge because I’ve been hearing that it gives you a muscle butt lol! My boyfriend is a football player and he does squats daily and his butt is extremely firm, and I don’t want my butt to be all muscle! But I will try a variation of the squat challenge just because I like doing squats from time to time because it helps lift your butt. But thanks for creating this post!!!!!

  2. nbattah says:

    This is the best post! I’m so excited right now! Lean legs are my dream! haha I’m constantly running and and doing lower leg workouts but this is awesome! I actually had no idea about some of these workouts! I can’t believe you found some of these on pinterest! Very awesome! I hope you don’t stop blogging I need more great workout tips!

  3. aprulhie says:

    I’m always looking for quick, convenient work-outs to do because I’m extremely busy with work and school. I often find myself doing mini workouts first thing in the morning and last thing before bed because that’s the only time I have throughout the day. My only question is what’s a sumo squat? And I give you props for being on day ten of the squat challenge; it’s not easy! I did the challenge a few months ago and I know exactly what you mean when you say your quads are burning. It definitely pays off once you’re finished though. I ‘m going to try the challenge again because bikini season is right around the corner. I also like the intervals for running on the tredmill. The tredmill isn’t very popular, but I love it and it’s my favorite work-out machine. When I run, I usually set it to one pace and run a couple miles. However, I like the interval idea because it mixes things up a little bit and helps your endurance. I’ll have to give it a try. Another excellent work-out that my high school basketball team used to do is basic jump roping. It’s a good cardio work-out but it also helps shape your lower half. Thanks for the work-out tips!

  4. amakent says:

    This is great! I will definitely try to do some of these work outs…especially with summer right around the corner! I like how you found these work outs on Pinterest. I alway find great stuff on there too! I’ll keep checking back to see to read your blog and get more great workout tips!

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